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Usage for Dissolved Air Flotation

Removal of suspended solids, grease, and various jelly in various industrial and municipal sewage, widely used in electroplating, chemical industry, paper-making, oil refining, tannery wastewater, etc.

Main Feature

1. The vortex dissolving gas tank dissolves the gas in water and releases it under reduced pressure to generate fine bubbles in the water. The particle size of the fine bubbles is about 20-40μm, which is more conducive to adhesion to the floc.

2. Due to the loose requirements for flocculation, the amount of flocculant can be saved.

3. The purification effect is more obvious than that of pressurized dissolved air flotation.

4. It is easy to adjust during operation, the process is stable, and no special person is required for management.

5. Solve many problems such as the unstable operation of traditional air flotation devices, large bubbles, and clogged release heads.

6. Since the air flotation process is an aerobic process, the odor problem generated by the sludge has been well resolved.

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