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Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings (DN 80 to DN 2000)

Advantages - Gray Cast Iron VS Ductile Iron
Ductile Iron, also known as spheroidal iron and nodular iron, is characterized by the presence of spheroidal graphite in the resultant castings. It is a modern material superior to gray cast iron, the type of iron that has been extensively used for centuries. The "ductility" of this new iron is achieved through the unique carbon configuration which is present in the form of spheroidal or nodular graphite. In gray cast iron, also known as flake graphite iron, carbon appears in the form of graphite flakes, which causes the metal to be brittle.

Ductile Iron
Graphite shows as isolated spheroids in a continuous matrix

Gray Cast Iron
Graphite shows as a semi-continuous network of flakes

The spheroid has the capacity to absorb stress and pressure under severe shock, also allowing plastic deformation; the flake has two obvious weak points where stress concentration occurs, it becomes to fracture.

In addition, as the chemical composition of ductile cast iron is almost the same as that of gray cast iron i.e. high concentrations of carbon and silicon, ductile cast iron processes both the anti-corrosiveness of cast iron and also a strength similar to steel.

Properties & Advantages Of Ductile Iron Pipe
  • High tensile strength
  • High yield strength
  • High impact resistance
  • High elongation (ductility)
  • High fatigue resistance
  • Resistance to handling/transportation damage
  • Resistance to second cover damage
  • Simple to join having agreed joint deflection
  • Resists longitudinal joint withdrawal
  • Proven and cost-effective internal and external corrosion protection
  • Impermeable to gas and organic contaminant
  • Imported back-fill is not normally required
  • Full range of ductile iron fittings available
  • Easy pipe location when buried
  • Low skill level for jointing
  • Under pressure, connections are not complicated
  • Resistant to stray current effect due to electrical discontinuity at joints.
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