Application Guide for Jet Aerator suppplier at Semenyih (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Application Guide

This guide is written to assist the user of aspirating aerators in the effective and efficient sizing and application of this product. When making a recommendation for aerators you must carefully consider mixing and oxygen requirements, as well as the configuration of the processing system.

How is it applied?
Aerators can be mounted on floats, basin walls, or bridges. They are fully adjustable with several mooring options available to fit specific basin geometries. Multiple aerators can be used depending upon the basin size. These aerators can be used in different shaped tanks, lagoons, and oxidation ditches. Typical positioning is presented on the left.

Design and process advantages :
Oxygen transfer rates are maximized by the extremely efficient mixing capabilities of the aerator and by the horizontal bubble hang time generated. This makes the aerator the ideal choice for the large lagoons, or for any application that requires complete mixing because mixing zones can be linked to maximize energy efficiency. The versatility of the mounting options reduced capital costs.

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