Aspirating Aerator supply in Malaysia (Supplier : Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Aspirating Aerator

Aspirating aerator is an efficient aerator to be installed in aerating tanks, basins, aerated lagoons, and rivers/canals for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. The hi-grade material air jet is directly mounted at an adjustable angle with the motor portion and air intake above the surface, and the propeller portion below the surface. The motor rotates and turns the hollow shaft along with the propeller and drives the water at a high speed near the propeller blades. The air above the water level is drawn via the air intake port and goes into the hollow shaft. Turbulent flow is created by the basin and disperses oxygen. Maximum oxygen transfer can be achieved by increasing bubble hang time via horizontal water movement.


  • The aerator parts are made from stainless steel 304/316 or engineering plastic depending upon water quality.
  • Aerator synchronous speeds are 1500rpm and 3000rpm.
  • A ceramic or stainless steel sleeve is installed at the shaft end bearing when used in common water.
  • There is no end-bearing model for the high-strength cantilever hollow shaft, which means no nearing problem when used in abrasive water.
  • Installation is available both in fix and float types.


  • Creates effective horizontal water movement to limit algae growth and distribute oxygen over a wide area.
  • Operates quietly without spraying or splashing for year-round performance.
  • Reduce odors by injecting oxygen and providing water movement.
  • Directs circulation into most areas as the aerator angle adjusts to control the amount of circulation and depth of the bubble stream. Easy to move and install by one person (we recommend a registered electrician to do all the wiring).
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