Product Features for Paddle Aerator supply in Malaysia Agent (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

Product Features for Paddle Aerator 

1. Arc level gear is adopted to replace worm gear, it is highly efficient. It is highly efficient. It saves at least 20% power compared to the traditional model.

2. The gears are made of Cr-Mn-Ti alloy, which has carbonitriding surface and perfect hardness. The reducer has longer usage life.

3. Use an oil seal to ensure no oil leakage.

4. A protector is added inside the motor to avoid burning.

5. HDPE float, PE impeller, 304 stainless steel shaft, frame, and screw.

6. Make water flow and foam the river-like tidal current in the pond, so fish and shrimp feel like back in the natural environment.

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