Gas-Liquid Mixing Pump supply at Selangor (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

High Mixing Efficiency (1)

Gas-Liquid Mixing Pump
Mixing Efficiency can reach 95%

  • Small size. The volume is only one-hundredth of the aeration towers with the same efficiency.
  • Low Power Consumption. The same power consumption is comparable to the water injector hybrid, the mixing efficiency is three to five times.
  • High dissolved air rate. The ozone mixing pump can achieve 1:3, and the gas-water ratio of the traditional mixing pump is only 1:9.
  • Exclusively used in ozone. Made of stainless steel in the main body, special material in sealing material, resistant to ozone corrosion.
  • The pipeline is made of stainless steel in sanitary grade, resisting pressure and corrosion.
  • A zone water gas separation system or ozone exhaust system is optional.

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