Installation Site Selection of Wall Mount Ultrasonic Flowmeter (D116) - Supplier at Kajang Area , Semenyih , Selangor



When selecting a measurement site, it is important to select an area where the fluid flow profile

is fully developed to guarantee a highly accurate measurement.

Use the following guidelines to select a proper installation site: - 

i) Choose a section of pipe that is always full of liquid, such as a vertical pipe with flow in the

upward direction or a full horizontal pipe.

ii) Ensure enough straight pipe length at least equal to the figure shown below for the upstream

and downstream transducers installation.

iii) Ensure that the pipe surface temperature at the measuring point is within the transducer

temperature limits.

iv) Consider the inside condition of the pipe carefully. If possible, select a section of pipe where the

inside is free of excessive corrosion or scaling.

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