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Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter


Automatic self-cleaning filter, whose internal structure is composed of 304 stainless-steel brush, stainless-steel filter screen and other main structure parts. 

The drive motor and the electric valve automatically act cleaning and drain discharging. 

The operation mode is automatically (or manual operation), with the dual functions of pressure difference and automatic drain.

When water flows through the filter, mechanical impurities in water will intercepted by filter screen, when the poly impurity on screen surface area increases and the pressure reaches 0.04Mpa, pressure difference switch will send out a signal, meanwhile, PLC will send out instruction, driven motor starts and drain valve opens, impurities deposited on the filter are brushed down by rotating brush and discharged out from drain outlet, the whole scrubbing and drain process does not requires manual operation and stopping. 

Besides, the filter is also set with a timing/manual cleaning and draining, which ensure safe and reliable water output at all events.

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