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Automatic Suction Brush Self-Cleaning Filter

Automatic Suction Brush Self-Cleaning Filter is a new product on the development of the original automatic sucking filter. 

By the cylinder body, stainless steel strainer, brush and brush frame, rotating shaft, rotating motor and sewage device composition. 

When the pressure difference reaches a certain value, the drain valve automatically opens, and the motor starts, so that the rotating frame is rotated clockwise. 

Stainless steel wire brush to the wall of impurities to move forward, so that the impurity accumulation layer continuously thickening. 

Located in the front of the stainless-steel wire brush suction mouth will be close to the impurity’s inhalation, and through the drain valve to exclude outside of the filter chamber. 

When impurities are quickly removed, the differential pressure returns to normal position. The drain valve is automatically closed and the self-cleaning procedure is completed. 

The Self-Cleaning method is controlled by the pressure difference to control the opening and dosing of the drain valve then automatic, does not need manual operation, short drain time, greatly reducing the water loss due to drain and high cleaning efficiency.

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