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Filter Medium

Sintered Metal mesh:

Widely applied in many fields, such as automobile tail gas treatment, burner, boiler improvement,
gas air conditioning, glass annealing, food baking oven, heater, coating paper and drying industry.

Sintered woven wire mesh can be in used for several (fine or deep or submicron) filtration
applications in for example the Petrochemical and Chemical industry, Pharmaceutics, Food,
Beverage, Metallurgy and Water treatment, etc.

Standard size: 1000mm×500mm
1200mm×600mm 1000mm×1000mm
Standard thickness: 1.7mm
Standard material: 316L. S
tainless steel like 304、321、904L、Duplex steel 2205、Monel 400、Hastelloy etc can be used either.

Sintered woven wire mesh consist of multi-layers of woven wire mesh laminated together by use of '
sintering '.This creates an enormous class of new materials with a very wide variety of mechanical properties.By combining multiple layers of different mesh weavings, it is possible to design materials with specific target thickness, permeability, pore size, and mechanical strength. Some layers are used for high precision filtration, others for protecting and reinforcing.

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