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Perforated Sheet Sintered With Wire Mesh Laminate (Type D)

This type is made by taking several layers of woven wire mesh sintered them on a layer of perforated metal forming a very strong yet tractable filter mesh sheet.

Technical Parameters:

Feature(A/B/C/D type):

1. High strength and rigidity: extreme mechanical strength and pressure tolerance, can be machined, welded and assembled.

2. Uniform and stable precision: consistent filter property in various media, without apertures changing during operation.

3. Widely service environment: can be continuously in temperature ranging from-200℃ to 600℃ and filtering in acid and alkali conditions.

4. Cleanable: backwash easily, and reused with longer service span, and can be cleaned by means of ways, such as back stream, filtration liquid, ultrasonic, dissolution and baking.

5. High flow, low pressure drop.

6. Suitable for continuous and automatic operation.

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