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ALTOR ISO VG 320 is a high-performance extreme pressure industrial gear oil formulated from highly refined base stocks and additives. 
It is formulated with performance and thermal stability in mind. 
It has outstanding high load carrying capability to suit various industrial needs. It is designed to protect the system against wear and tear while ensuring the integrity of the system.
ALTOR ISO VG 320 meets or exceeds 
the following performance specification:
  • US STEEL 224
  • AGMA EP 9005-EO2
  • ISO 12925-1
  • DIN 51517 PART 3 (CLP)
Minor variations in products are to be expected in normal manufacturing.

Features and Benefits
Good Wear Protection
Formulated with additives that provide excellent high load carrying capability. It also protects the system from wear and tear while maintaining its performance under moderate to severe conditions with high loads.

Thermal Stability
It is designed to reduce and resist oil molecule breakdowns that are usually caused by excessive heat and working hours. This considerably reduces unplanned downtime and maintenance costs.

Corrosion Inhibitor
With its unique formulation, it protects the system against general corrosive properties in the working environment.

ALTOR ISO VG 320 can be used in most light to heavy-duty industrial machinery.

ALTOR ISO VG 320 is suitable for use in most industrial gear system and is compatible with most of the mineral oil based industrial gear oil that are available in the market. 
It is also suitable to lubricate bearings and other components of a circulating and splash-lubricated industrial system.

Health, Safety and Environment
ALTOR ISO VG 320 is unlikely to cause any significant health and safety hazard if it is used according to recommended application.
Avoid prolonged skin contact. Wash skin thoroughly with detergent and plenty of water upon completion of task.
Dispose used product to authorized collection centre.

What type of Gear Oil that is suitable for Airus Blower?

Please use Industrial Gear oil N320 for the Malaysia application.

Gear oil N220 is not suitable for Malaysia because of the hot climate in our country, so gear oil N220 is only ideal for use in China.

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