Ring air knife Malaysia (annular air knife)

Ring air knife, it is a professional product for cooling and surface cleaning and drying of electric wires, cables and plastic hoses. 

Ring air knife, ring air knife, circular air knife, air ring scrubber, ring air knife, circular air knife, air ring, etc. Air scrubbing This product is widely used in domestic and foreign enterprises. 

A ring air knife is used to blow, dry, clean and cool pipes, cables, extruded products, hoses or other products. 

Equipment, which provides uniform 360 annular airflows. The annular air knife is connected by two curved hinges, which can give a large airflow. Two air knives. Its gas consumption is minimal, but it can produce powerful blowing force. The magnification of the annular air knife is 30:1, and its high-flow airflow can provide cooling and drying for all sides of the product. The ring-shaped structure can generate stable and powerful airflow to wrap around the side of the object so that all water and dirt can be removed. 

Compressed air enters the annular cavity.

Different types:

Working principles: 
 (1) Through the inlet 
 (2) Through the air circulation. Then throttled and passed through the annular nozzle 
 (3) At a high speed. At first, the air flows out at a high speed along the side wall 
 (4) This air flows along the side wall of the air ring at an oblique angle. In this way, a low-pressure area 
 (5) Will be created at the centre of one side of the air ring, and this low-pressure area will force a large amount of surrounding air to flow to the other side of the air ring together with the high-pressure airflow. When the airflow leaves the air ring, a 360-degree conical annular airflow is generated, and this even and powerful airflow can continuously and stably wipe the dirt, water and other impurities on the material 
(6) Passing through the air ring. 

 • Low noise, within 70dB in most cases 
 • Environmental protection and energy saving, air flow balance 
 • Suitable for different bottle types, convenient adjustment, fast compression, low air consumption, air compression ratio up to 40:1 
 • Adjustable air knife and flow 
 • Structure design open type, compact, firm, easy to install 
 • No need for electricity, no moving mechanical parts 
 • Small holes on the edge of the ring for easy installation. 

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