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Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is a water treatment process that removes suspended solids, oil, and grease from wastewater by using air bubbles as a flotation agent. The process works by adding tiny air bubbles to the wastewater, which cause the suspended particles to float to the surface, where they are removed by skimming. The purified water is then drained from the bottom of the DAF tank. DAF is commonly used in industrial wastewater treatment, municipal wastewater treatment, and in treatment of drinking water.

IDAF/IDAF2-Integrated DAF/DAF2 

We have standarized DAF products, which have 5 types in total. The left picture is our IDAF (flat bottom) /IDAF2 (slant bottom) series. It has those main features: 1. Perfect combination of chemical reaction device and DAF unit 2. Compact design for a smaller footprint, and easier installation 3.The most cost-effective solution and the best-seller series 4. Design hydraulic loading rate:4-6m3/m2/h. 

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