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QRZ-HRFR Serial High Rejection Fouling Resistant Brackish Reverse Osmosis(RO) Membrane

UltraClean HRFR series high desalination reverse osmosis membrane element is one of the reverse osmosis membraneelements with the highest desalination rate, with a stable desalination rate as high as 99.7%.In general industrial and water treatment applications, stringent effluent quality requirements can be met with a primary reverse osmosis system. This series of 8 inch membrane elements has an effective membrane area of 37 square meters, which can not only maximize productivity, but also achieve accurate and predictable system design and operating flux, and can meet higher water purification requirements at a lower cost Available in 8 inch and 4 inch sizes.

Product Features :
 It has a very high and stable desalination rate
 It is suitable for high salt water treatment

Operation Conditions :
 Maximum working pressure : 41 bar (600 psi)
 Chemical cleaning pH range : 1 - 13
 Maximum operating temperature : 45'C (113'F)
 Maximum Influent SDI (SDI) : 5.0
 Maximum pressure drop per membrane element : 1.0 bar (15 psi)
 Allowable free chlorine content <0.1 ppm
 Continuous operation pH range : 2 - 11

Product Dimensions :

Product Parameters :

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