Schematic Diagram Of The Internal Flow Channel Of The DTRO Membrane

The DTRO membrane module adopts an open flow channel, and the material liquid enters the pressure vessel through the inlet, from the other end of the channel flow channel membrane module between the guide plate and the shell, and at the other end flange, the material liquid passes through the water distribution end plate.

The channel enters the guide plate, the liquid to be treated flows through the filter membrane in the shortest distance, and then reverses to another membrane surface at 180 °, and then flows from the slot in the center of the guide plate to the next guide plate, thus A double "S" shaped route is formed on the surface of the membrane from the circumference of the guide plate to the center of the circle, then to the circle, and then to the center of the circle. 

The concentrated liquid finally flows out from the flange of the feed end.

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