EDI Ultra-Pure Water Equipment (EDI超纯水设备)


其工作原理是将水通过电解池,在电场的作用下,将水中的离子分成阳离子和阴离子,然后通过两端的离子交换膜分别移动至阳极和阴极,最 终在离子交换膜和电极之间进行还原和氧化反应,将离子去除。






EDI ultra-pure water equipment principle and characteristics
An EDI (Electrode Ionization) ultra-pure water device is a device that uses electrochemical technology to remove ions from water. The working principle is to pass the water through the electrolytic pool, under the action of the electric field, the ions in the water are divided into cations and anions, and then move to the anode and cathode respectively through the ion exchange membrane at both ends, and finally carry out reduction and oxidation reactions between the ion exchange membrane and the electrode to remove the ions.

EDI ultrapure water equipment features include:
1. High purity: EDI ultra-pure water equipment can remove ions, microorganisms, organic matter and other impurities in water to obtain high purity water source.

2. Strong stability: EDI ultra-pure water equipment can achieve continuous and stable water treatment, strong water quality stability, and will not affect water quality due to improper operation and other factors.

3. Easy operation: EDI ultra-pure water equipment can usually be automatically operated, only need to follow the operation steps of the equipment can be operated, and it is very convenient to use.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: EDI ultra-pure water equipment does not need to use
chemicals for regeneration, and only needs to use electrical energy in the operation process, which will not produce chemical pollution.

5. Low maintenance cost: EDI ultra-pure water equipment has long service life and low maintenance cost, which is suitable for long-term continuous operation.

In short, EDI ultra-pure water equipment is an efficient, stable, environmentally friendly, energy-saving
ultra-pure water treatment technology, which is suitable for high purity water treatment needs in
pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical and other fields, and can provide high-quality ultra-pure water sources.

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