Reverse Osmosis (RO) Equipment (反渗透设备 )

纯水设备 / 咸水设备 / 海水淡化设备
Reverse osmosis equipment classification:
pure water equipment / salt water equipment / seawater desalination equipment








Principle and characteristics of reverse osmosis equipment:
Reverse osmosis equipment is a kind of water purification equipment through reverse osmosis technology. The working principle is to pass the inlet pressure through a series of filters and reverse osmosis membranes, so that the water molecules are forced by pressure through the reverse osmosis membrane, while intercepting the dissolved salts in the water, microorganisms and organic matter and other impurities, and finally obtain high purity water.

Features of reverse osmosis equipment include:

1. Efficient purification: Reverse osmosis equipment can effectively remove impurities in water, of which the reverse osmosis membrane aperture is very small, can intercept most of the dissolved solids, dissolved gases and organic matter, can achieve a high purification effect.

2. Long life: The reverse osmosis membrane in the reverse osmosis equipment is made of high-quality materials, with good corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance, and long service life.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection: The reverse osmosis equipment only needs to consume a certain amount of energy when working, and does not need to add any chemical substances, and the purified water can be directly used or recycled, and there is no pollution to the environment.

4. Easy to use: Reverse osmosis equipment can usually be operated automatically, only need to operate according to the operating steps of the equipment, and it is very convenient to use.

5. Widely used: Reverse osmosis equipment can be used in household, commercial and industrial occasions, such as drinking fountains, water treatment equipment, beverage production, etc., widely used in the field of water purification.

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