VDW-C Scraper Type Heat Pump Low Temperature Evaporator (VDW-C刮刀型热泵低温蒸发器)

   VDW-C Scraper Type Heat Pump Low Temperature Evaporator Application Fields

VDW - C 刮刀型热泵低温蒸发器用于高COD、高盐分、易结垢的废液处理,可配套
VDW-C scraper type heat pump low temperature evaporator is used for waste liquid treatment with high COD, high salt and easy scaling. It can be matched with A/B series low temperature evaporator and MVR evaporator, and further achieve the goal of reduction and liquid solidification.

2. 技术性能特点 Technical Performance Characteristics

a.    夹套式换热器不与污液接触,防止换热性能衰减;
      Jacket type heat exchanger does not contact with dirty liquid, prevent heat transfer performance attenuation;

b.   内衬空间,采用铁氟龙工艺和刮板刮刀工艺,防止内衬室结垢;
      Lining space, using Teflon technology and scraper technology to prevent scaling of lining chamber;

c.   刮刀搅拌系统由齿轮减速马达控制,用于蒸发中的污水搅拌,提高浓缩率;
      The scraper stirring system is controlled by the gear motor, which is used for stirring the sewage in the evaporation to improve the concentration rate;

d.   热泵制热系统,选用R134A环保制冷剂;
      Heat pump heating system, choose R134A environmental protection refrigerant;

e.   利用气缸和螺旋刮刀自动排出浓缩液;
      The use of cylinder and spiral scraper to automatically discharge concentrated liquid;

f.    配置自清洗技术和消泡剂自动添加功能;
      Configure self-cleaning technology and automatic defoamer addition function;

g.   动力仅为电能和压缩空气;
      The power is only electric energy and compressed air;

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