Advanced Wastewater Treatment Process in Malaysia Company (Environmech)

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Process

Catalytic Oxidation : 
       Advanced Oxidation Process depth is set electrochemical coagulant, chemical Oxidation and flocculantion materialized in one of the treatment process, the essence of the catalytic oxidation is catalyzed by the action and oxidant to produce hydroxyl radicals with high oxidation capacity, so that the water of organic molecules by adding together substitution, hydrolysis, oxidation and other reactions associated with electron transfer, making this material a partially completed part of the open-loop, broken chain, degradation, while the oxidation of organic matter for small molecules of water and CO2 individual direct mineralization of organic matter, so as to achieve the purpose of degradation of organic compounds.

Process flow : 
Outlet of secondary sedimentation pond → Water collection pond → Catalytic oxidation rector pond

 → Mixing reaction pond → Air intake aerator system → Final sedimentation pond → Discharge

Advantages :

● Start fast response, interfering substances in wastewater withstand ability.

● Run effect. COD removal efficiency up to 85%, the colour can be reduced to 30 times.

●Small footprint, low charges.

● Strong oxidation, won't selectively react with pollutants in wastewater.

●Energy consumption, low running costs, simple operation, no special maintenance.

Flow Chart :