Polymeric Ferric Sulfate (PES) Spray in Asian Company (Environmech)

[Spray] Polymeric Ferric Sulfate (PES)

Features :

● High efficiency. Its water purification effect is better than that of other agents because it belong to polymer and has strong adsorb ability.

● Speediness. Big flocculant body formed after PFS dosing so that it settles quickly, has good hydrophobicity and is easy to filter.

●Well-adapted, Adapt to various waste water with its pH value between 4-11 well. It will have remarkable purification effect no matter how turbid or how dense of the waste water.

● Less dosage. It will save cost with its convenient operation ans small dosage.

● Self-indication. It will be noticed if dosing excessively through its red colour in itself so as to save cost.

Scope of application  :

● It can replace other inorganic flocculants comprehensively. Use for industries wastewater treatment of printing & dyeing, paper making, electroplating, circuit board, food processing, pharmacy, fertilizer, pesticide etc.

● It is suitable for phosphorus removal of life sewage wastewater treatment plant or improving the hydrophobicity of sludge.

● It can replace the use of aluminum salt. It can be used to remove the residual aluminum pollution of tap water during its treatment.

● Used to sludge press mud. It will have excellent effect when used with few of polyacrylamide.

Quality Standards : 

Operative norm GB14591-2006

How to use : 

Please make solid type up to 10% water solution (dilute liquid type to 5-10 times) then add it to wastewater or sludge.

Packing, storage and transportation :

Solid packed with 25kgs woven bag, liquid type packing with 40kg barrel or delivered directly by tank wagon. 

Stored in a dry cool and ventilate place, it will keep good for 6 months.