Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC) - Spray in Malaysia

Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC)

Introduction : 
     Poly aluminum chloride referred to the PAC. It is a water soluble inorganic polymers between ALC13 and A1(OH)3, the chemical formula is [AL2(OH)nC1(6-n)]m, where in m means polymerization level, n represents PAC products alkalization. The products colour is yellow, pale yellow or dark brown resinous solid. The product has a strong bridge adsorption performance, accompanied by the occurrence of condensation, adsorption ans precipitation, and other physical and chemical processes in the hydrolysis process.

     The poly aluminum chloride production based on GBI5892-2003 standard, as drinking water and industrial wastewater flocculants (e.g. oily wastewater, printing and dyeing, paper marking wastewater, steel mills sewage.etc). As well as the highly toxic heavy metals and fluorine-containing wastewater treatment; in addition, there is an extensive purpose in medicine pharmaceutical, paper, leather.

Characteristics :

● High turbidity water purification effect is particularly evident

● Increase the alkaline additives or other coagulant aids

● It alum to form a fast and large, easy precipitation

● Water source for a wide range of PH value, excessive dosage does not side effects, safe water purification.

● Corrosive labor intensity.

Use Method :

       Optimum flocculation effect and economic benefits, the user depending on the source water turbidity, a different season and difference process, by stirring experiment to determine the optimal dosage. Liquid product subbed 5-10% water and solid products dubbed 3-5% water (by weight); higher the turbidity of the water, the solution should be quipped with the more dilute, increase the dosage, the flocculation effect.

Products packaging & storage :
        Double packaging with polyethylene film bag inner and the polypropylene material woven outer. Net weight 25kg. This products  should be stored in a cool dry place, not allowed to mix with the acid and alkali substances or toxic substances. Storage period of 12 months.