Poly Aluminium Chloride PAC-S in Malaysia Supplier (ENVIRONMECH)

Poly Aluminium Chloride PAC-S

Introduction :

      It is a new type high molecular inorganic coagulant made up of pure materials (aluminium hydroxide, synthetic hydrochloric, aluminium sulfate) via advanced technology, SO42-is added in addition to the icons in PAC, its water purification is better than PAC, PAV-V, other traditional inorganic salt coagulants and comman alkaline aluminium chloride; the solid product has mil white colour and adopts spray drying technology, it's widely applied to the purification of feed water and industrial water.

Features :

1) Lower dosage than traditional coagulants, but have better purifying effect.

2) Fast forming and depositing, better processing ability than traditional products.

3) Low alkalinity consumption, less pH value reduction.

4) Less sediment, easy to dehydrate.

5) Wide pH values between 5.0-9.0.

6) Less residual dissolving salts, good to ion exchange and high-purity water manufacturing.

7) Good applicability to the change of turbidity, alkalinity and the contents of organic matters.

8) Have good coagulating effect to low temperature and low turbidity water.

9) Low residual free aluminium, the water complies with the national standard.

10) Low corrosion, easy to dissolve and better than the similar products.

Scope of application  : 

● Feed water in the city

● Water reuse   

 Oilfield refill water processing

● Re-circulation cooling water

● Industrial water processing

● Low temperature and low turbidity