Ferrous Sulfate in Malaysia Supplier (Environmech)

Ferrous Sulfate

Introduction :
      Ferrous sulfate is turquoise mono-clinic crystal or particles, which is no smell. It is efflorescence in drying air, and the surface oxidation in the moist air into a brown basic ferric sulfate. Become, four hydrate in 56.6, 65 when a hydrate. It is easy soluble in water, and hardly soluble in ethanol. Its aqueous solution cold slow oxidation in air, rapid oxidation in the heat, adding alkali or dew light energy to accelerate the oxidation, relative density is (d15) 1.897, and it is stimulating. Anhydrous ferrous sulfate is a white powder, the containing water of crystallization is light green crystals and crystal commonly known as "green vitriol, in water solution is light green. ferrous sulfate can be used for chromatography analysis reagent, drop analysis determination of  platinum, selenium, nitrite and nitrate. Ferrous sulfate can be used as reductant, manufacturing ferrite, water purification, polymerization catalysts, photoengraving.

Physical Property :
Apperance & Form : Pale blusih green monoclinic crystal
Fusion Pint : 64 (lose 3 of crystal water)
Relative Density (water=1) : 1.897(15°C)
Molecular Formula & Molecular Weight
FeSO4•7H2O (278.03) FeSO4(152)
Solubility : Soluble in water and glycerol, insoluble in ethanol

Chemical property :  
       It has reducibility. The high thermal decomposition let out poisonous gases. It is can be obtained to use the copper sulfate solution and reaction of iron in the lab. It is efflorescence in dry air. The surface oxidation in the moist air into ferric sulfate fan alkali of pourly soluble in water easily. 10% of aqueous solution is acidly force on the litmus (pH3.7). When it is heated to 70-73°C, it will lose 3 water molecules, lose 6 water molecules up to 80-123°C, it is into basic ferric sulfate above 156°C.

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