Ferrous Sulfate in Malaysia Supplier (Environmech)

Technical Index :

Scope of Application :
1) Water treatment
- Ferrous sulfate is used for the flocculation of water purification and the removal of phosphate from urban ad industrial wastewater in order to prevent eutrophication of water.
2) Reductant
- It is used for reduce chromate in cement
3) Medicinal 
- It is used for treatment of iron deficiency anemia and also it is used for adding ferrum to food, but it is  used excess long term, that may happened abdominal pain, nausea and other side effects.
4) Colourant
- Iron gall ink and other kinds of ink need ferrous sulfate to produce, and mordant of dyeing wood also contains it.
- It is used fir cement dyeing to yellow rust color.
- It is used for maple dyeing to silver color.
5) Agriculture
- It is used for adjust soil pH value, in order to prompt the chlorophyll formation (also called Ferrum fertilizer), also can be used for yellowing disease prevention and control of flowers and trees caused by Ferrum deficiency. It is liked by acid plants especially sago cycas. It is agriculture also can be used as a pesticide, can control wheat smut, scar of apple and pear scab disease, fruit rot, also can be used as a fertilizer, can remove the tree moss and lichen in agriculture.
6. Analytical Chemistry
- It is can be used to Chromatography analysis addition agent.

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