Phosphorus Removal Agent in Malaysia (ENVIRONMECH)

Phosphorus Removal Agent

Features :
 High efficiency. Its water purification effect is better than that of other agents because it belong to polymer and has strong adsorb ability.
 Speediness. Big flocculant body formed after PFS dosing so that it settles quickly, has good hydrophobicity and is easy to filter.   
  Well-adapted. It will save cast with its convenient operation and small dosage.
  Less dosage. It will save cost with its convenient operation and small dosage.
  Self-indication. It will be noticed if dosing excessively through its red colour in itself so as to save cost. 

Scope of application :
  It can  replace other inorganic flocculants comprehensively. Use for industries wastewater treatment of printing & dyeing, paper making, electroplating, circuit board, food processing, pharmacy, fertilizer, pesticide.
  It is suitable for phosphorus removal of life sewage wastewater treatment plant or improving the hydrophobicity of sludge.
  It can replace the use of aluminium salt. It can be used to remove the residual aluminium pollution of tap water during its treatment.
 Used to sludge press mud. It will have excellent effect when used with few of polyacrylamide. 

Quality Standard :
Operative norm GB14591-2006

Technical Index :

How to use :
Please make solid type up to 10% water solution (dilute liquid type to 5-10 times), then add it to wastewater or sludge.

Packing, storage & Transportation :
Solid type packed with 25kg woven bag, liquid type packed with 40kg barrel or delivered directly by tank wagon.Stored in a dry cool and ventilate place.It will keep good for 6 months.