IC Anaerobic Reactor in Malaysia

IC Anaerobic Reactor


Introduction : 
Water from the bottom of the reactor into the fluidized bed reaction chamber, and uniformly mixed granular sludge, Where most of the organic matter is converted into biogas. Biogas generated by anaerobic chamber first set the hood to collect biogas from the top of the gas-liquid separator discharged along the riser pipe to bring the mixture up to a gas-liquid separator. The resulting mixture was separated slurry is returned to the return pipe along the bottom of the first anaerobic chamber. And with the granular sludge at the bottom of  the water and thoroughly mixed to achieve a circulating mixed liquid. Because there are a lot of up-flow velocity. The particles of sludge in the chamber fully meet the fluidized high mass transfer rate, the first reaction chamber has a great ability to remove organic. Into the second anaerobic chamber waste water treatment can be continued. The processing area is fine, better wastewater purified water from the drain away from the outlet pipe. Start at the beginning of the reactor into outer forced external circulation can speed up the startup speed, LH-IC anaerobic reactor both inner loop have outer loop. Both granular sludge wastewater recycling loop there. It is a two-cycle multi-stage anaerobic reactor.

Specification :

* Top of  the reactor slurry separator gas, water, mud intermittently into the mud, water smooth automatic return ti the bottom of the reactor.

* Suitable for the processing, the high concentration organic wastewater.

* Organic load is high, up to 30kg COD/m3.d.

* Produce valuable energy-biogas products less sludge, granular anaerobic sludge inoculation is also valuable products.

* You can start with domestic anaerobic sludge as seed sludge.

* Anti-shock load ability.

* Circulation system greatly reduces power equipment investment, operating cost, maintenance costs.

* Reactor cylinder insulation effect, eliminating the need for insulation investment.