X Series of Integrated Belt Filter Press Machine Enrichment in Malaysia

X series of Integrated belt filter Press Machine Enrichment

Introduction :   
    X series is the new efficient equipment with concentration dewatering. It is mainly used in Paper making, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, dehydration for a mixture of sludge, digested sludge and surplus activated sludge of the city waste water treatment plant and many industrial sludge dewatering.

Main features :
     It has a unique machine in the water granulation flow aspects of the design, and the sludge can be mixed with the liquid without power, playing the role of flocculants more fully.
     In making the material into the gravity dewatering zone emerged an increase  of dehydration with high concentration, which can contain more than 1% of the fixed rate of sludge dewatering working directly on the machine, and the mud dryness up to 25% above.
     It uses the Probability of partial adjustment, which can guarantee the best conditions with a filter run, extending the life span of filter belt.
     Wide range of applications, dehydration and high efficiency, large capacity, low energy consumption, noise, simple operation and easy maintenance.

Technical parameters :