Mixing Agitator in Malaysia Supplier (Environmech)

Mixing Agitator

Introduction : 
     Mixing Agitator is a vertical type mixer used for mixing PAC and PAM instantly added to flocculation tank  in water treatment process. This mixer use a vertical shaft motor(match with reducer)to drive paddles spinning high speed spinning caused water quick moving and mix chemicals quick and easy.    

Features : 
● High speed mixing
● High strength mixing
● Homogeneous mixing   

Principles of works :
     Mixing Agitator is applicable to the mixing tank of the water treatment project where the coagulant and coagulant aids are added and mixed instantaneously once contact. This equipment uses the vertical shaft type mixing; the paddles rotation is driven by the mixing shaft powered by a vertical motor through reduce drive, which makes the coagulant and coagulant aids mixture flow rapidly to achieve fully mixing purpose. The main features of the machine are high mixing speed, intensity mixing, fast and well mixing etc.

Technical parameters :