Rotary Grille Decontamination Machine in Malaysia (Environmech)

Rotary Grille Decontamination Machine

Introduction : 
     Rotary grille decontamination machine is a mechanical filter used to remove large objects, such as rags and plastics, from wastewater. It normally installed ahead influent pump in wastewater treatment plant .It is part of the primary filtration flow and typically is the first, or preliminary, level of filtration.

Principle of works :
     The steel bars goes rotation motion. It captures waste in water while bars going up  waste falling down while bars going down on the other side of machine Some waste sticking on the bars can be cleaned by rubber brush . At the scenario of overload a protection spring push down to shut down the motor and stop working.

1. Gear box      2. Chain Wheel       3. Cleaning device           4. Framework

Technical parameters :