Peripheral Drive scraping and sucking sludge machines in Asian

Peripheral Drive scraping and sucking sludge machines

Introduction : 
     Periphery driving scraping sludge thickener is installed on medium and large size circular  clarifiers tanks in wastewater treatment plant. Inlet water and sludge discharge pass though the center pit of bottom Outlet water overflow around tank which keeps a stable water quality and quantity.The machine is commonly used in radial flow setting tanks with the diameter of more than 20 meters.

Main Features :

● Simple structure and light weight

● Saving operation cost. Convenient maintenance and operated

● New transmission device. Easy installation and compact structure. High efficiency and light weight

● According to customers requirement. Specify to match the twisted protection agency. After the configuration of the torque is reached. The automatic alarm downtime, safe and reliable.

Structure and working process : 

      This type of thickener consists of a mobile steel girder double lateral trolley two rotation units with peripheral drive system a scraping unit a sucking units scum skimming unit flow guidance solids collection bucket center supports electrics and control box.

The sludge inlet is in the middle but the flow is deviated by the baffle in order to optimize the thickening. The sludge scraper blades made in standard section remove the sludge accumulated on the bottom and collect it in a central pit where from by a piping is conveyed to the outlet. Outlet sludge can return or disposal to sludge thickening tank. Scum above water is skimmed to collection bucket for further disposal.

Technical parameters :