Plug-Flow Aerator in Malaysia

TB Plug-Flow Aerator

Introduction :
    TB plug-flow aerator is a new type of aeration equipment. With aeration and mixing two function, while the aeration, gas, water, mud fully mixing and constitute flow pattern.

Principle of works :
      Driven by motor propellers spin and caused a low pressure zone. Air is introduced though air pipe to reach the low pressure zone in where water and air are pressed into tiny bubbles. These bubbles diffuse to provide aeration and mixing to process water.    

Advantages : 

● Convenient installation

● Be used alone or in combination to use

● Oxygen can adjust

● No vibration and noise

● Easy maintenance (without water)

● Stable operation, no suffer environmental impact

● All wet parts include propellers are 304 stainless steel

● Motor ranges from 11kW to 37kW 

● Working with no spilling and atomizing aeration and mixing occur under water.

Technical parameters : 

Real scene shooting :