Air Blower - Precautions for Blower Start up

f) Check the belt tension and belt pulley offset. Although blower is properly aligned and adjusted before leaving 
the factory, please check to ensure it is not loosened during transportation and installation. V-belts can be adjusted
according to the following table.


g) Check whether the voltage and frequency of the power supply is in accordance with the specifications
on the product identification plate.

h) Check the rotation direction. The direction of rotation of driving shaft should be counterclockwise from the belt pulley side.

i) Turn the pulley by hand, this is to confirm that there is no abnormal rotation before powering up the blower.
Caution : Moving parts can cause severe injury

j) Check that the belt cover is securely installed to avoid entanglement by loose clothes or hair and crushing injuries by the belt and pulley.
Caution : Moving parts can cause severe injury

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