Cautions for Blower Operation of Air blower

Cautions for Blower Operation
a) The inlet temperature of air should not exceed 40.

b) The impurity content of air should not be over 100mg/m3 and maximum size of minute grains should not be larger than the half of minimum clearance.

c) During operation, the bearing temperature should not be higher than 95 ℃, and the lubricating oil temperature not higher than 65℃.  

d) The operation pressure shall not be higher than the pressure rating marked on the product identification plate of blowers or operation manual.

e) The clearance between impeller and cylinder, impeller and headplate, impeller and impeller have been properly adjusted when leaving factory.
The clearance should be accurately checked after re assembly. Too large a clearance will compromise the blower performance while too small 
clearance will result in friction or knocking due to thermal expansion.

f) Make sure that oil level is at the middle position of the oil window when blower running.

g) Check that the belt cover is securely installed to avoid entanglement by loose clothes or hair and crushing injuries by the belt and pulley.
Caution : Moving parts can cause severe injury

h) At the initial stage of operation, because of the sticky grease lubricant, there may be momentary noisy and high current condition encountered. 
This condition should improve after 10-20 minutes of operation. If the condition persists, please contact your local agent immediately.

i) Air flow rate can be varied with rotation speed of the blower or the number of the overflow pipeline.

j) In some instances, there is noise level difference between blowers of same model. This can be due to the different location and piping configuration 
of the blower in mechanical room.

k) When the pressure rise is higher than 58.8 kpa, it is advised to use water cooling system with cooling water temperature 25℃, cooling water pressure
 is 196-294 kpa. Cooling water volume: HDSR80-HDSR125, water consumption is 5-8 L/min; HDSR150-HDSR300, water consumption is 8 13 L/min.

l) Pressure gauge switch is kept closed under normal condition. Turn on the switch to check the pressure.

m) Start up the blower without any load each time.

n) Before stopping the blower, releases pressure and lower download and then stop the blower.

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