Main Usage and Features for Air blower

Main Usage and Features

Main Usage
HDSR series roots blower are widely used in waste water treatment, air transfer, aquatic farming,
power, petroleum, steel, metallurgy, foods, oxygen making, textile, paper making, dust removal,
back blowing and other sections and industries. They are suitable for transferring clean air.

Note: For transferring combustible, easily explosive and toxic gases, please ensure you have
selected our fully sealed series roots blower suitable for these special gases. If you are not sure of
the selection, please consult your agent with the model no and serial no of the blower.

Main Features
a) HDSR roots blower is provided with inlet silencer (with filter), discharge silencer, flexible joint, 
safety valve, pressure gauge, check valve, anti vibration pads and other accessories. It features 
streamlined design, smart appearance and ease of installation and maintenance.

b) A roots blower is a positive displacement rotary blower. Hence, roots blower is able to maintain
a stable gas flow with very small variation in flow rate despite the changes in inlet pressure.

c) HDSR series tri-lobe roots blower with linear type impeller delivers a stable pressure pulses of air
and thus, reduces the noise level by 5-8 dBA lower than twin lobe blowers.

d) With high precision synchromesh gears, HDSR series roots blower has a longer service life.

e) The compact, sturdy design is engineered for continuous service when operated in accordance 
with speed and pressure ratings.

f) Each HDSR series roots blower has CAD designed impeller profiles and is precision machined by 
the latest CNC machines for the best fit and tolerances between the impellers,casing and side housing.

g) HDSR series roots blower delivers clean pressurized air supply without any oil particulates.

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