Operation Checklist and Procedures for Roots Blower

Operation Checklist and Procedures 

Blower Installation Checklist
a) The foundation shall be solid with flat surface 10 cm higher than the ground.

b) Sufficient space clearance shall be allocated around the blower to provision for maintenance,dismounting, and overhaul works.

c) The ambient temperature for the blower operation shall be below 40 ℃℃. If the temperature of the operating area is inevitably above 
the 40 limit, certain measures (installing a ventilator) shall be taken to reduce the temperature; otherwise, the service life of the blower 
will be compromised.

d) Rain proof shed shall be provided if the blower is mounted in open space.

e) The rated pressure rise value specified on the product identification plate shall not be exceeded to prevent the motor from overloading.

f) The blower shall not be installed in the areas with flammable gas and corrosive gases condition, such as areas where organic solvent 
and coating gases are used. This is to avoid the fire and poisoning hazards.

g) The blower shall not be installed on the places where workers are frequently cross in order to avoid the possibility of scalding and physical injuries.

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