Operation Checklist and Procedures for Roots Blower

Blower Pipeline Installation Checklist
a) The blower pipeline shall be connected tightly without air leakage and the support shall be set at appropriate location.

b) Blower pipeline shall be connected flexibly and no object shall be hanged on the pipeline.

c) The pipeline material used shall be able to sustain the exhaust temperature and pressure. We recommend the use of steel pipes.

d) The pipeline inside shall be cleaned and without foreign matters; certain measures shall be taken to stop the foreign matters from
entering into inlet pipeline.

e) Check valve shall be installed on the pipeline to stop the back flow created by the blower reversal from entering into the blower.
Caution : check valve shall be installed on the horizontal

f) In the situation of parallel operation of several blowers, isolation valves must be mounted respectively on each branch pipeline 
such that when one blower is undergoing trouble shooting and repair, the corresponding pipeline can be isolated from the main pipeline.

g) Drain cock shall be mounted on the pipeline to prevent the blower from loaded start up; the drain cock shall be shut off for the blower
to start without load before proceeding to the loaded operation.

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