CAF1000 series pump suction filter supply in South East Asia

CAF1000 series pump suction filter


The automatic pump suction filter was installed in the water inlet of the pump, can automatically

protect the  pump  from debris',  such as  rock solid  contamination  jams. And  also protect  the

whole water cycle system, such as the cooling tower and heat converter. Can protect the whole

system and the pump when the work is not influenced by any  blockage to work normally, which

can extend  the  life of  the pump  and the  running of  the whole  system,  and ensure  the high

efficient water delivery.

The special design of pump suction filter, can help, keep the pump and the whole system  is not

jammed by organic/inorganic films, all kinds of granular solid contamination. The automatic filter

before  pump was  contacted with  the  outlet of  the  pump. This  filter  system will  be installed

underwater (including recycling pool, river, reservoir, reservoir, water, etc.).

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