Working Principle for CAF1000 series pump suction filter in Malaysia

Working Principle for CAF1000 series pump suction filter

When  the   water  flow  into   the  filters,  organic  or   inorganic  fragments  and   solid  particle

contamination be captured on the screen. This will prevent jam and destruction of the pump and

other subsequent  equipment which may  cause by congestion  and damage. In  addition, it will

improve  the   work  efficiency  of   pump  and  water   circulation  system,  reduce   the  energy

consumption at the same time, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

The filter  have the function  of automatic  self-cleaning its screen:  by manually adjusting  valve

(12), adjust  the flushing water  flow, the rinse  water drive hydraulic  drive motor (13),  drive the

self-cleaning  spray  cleaning   component  (4)  rotate,  continuous   will  be  mesh  intercepting

fragments and solid particle washes dirt from the screen.

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