Blower Installation for Air Suspension Centrifugal Blower supply in Selangor

Chapter 1 : Blower Installation

Proper installation and position arrangement of the blower can save installation and maintenance costs. Therefore, make sure to refer to the following when installing the blower. 

1.1 Installation Method
1.1.1 The blower should be installed in bright, dust-free building, which is not affected by climate. A dusty location may shorten lifespan of the filter. High humidity may cause premature aging of electrical/electronic parts, this may lead to fail.

1.1.2 The location of installation should be kept away from sources of pollution and chimneys, cooling towers, steam, or high-temperature gas outlets. It should be installed in a place that is not affected by high temperature, moisture, dust and other pollution sources.

1.1.3 If Roots, Multi-stage blowers, etc. are used in the same space with other blowers, the equipment will be affected by temperature, oil contamination, etc. It must be installed separately.

1.1.4 When installed outdoors, ensure that the blower is installed in a place that is not affected by rain or snow.

1.1.5 Please install the equipment in a well ventilated place. If it is installed in a closed room, you should install a ventilator in order to dissipate heat. 

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