Outlet Pipe Connection fir Air Suspension Centrifugal Blower supply in Malaysia

Outlet Pipe Connection 
Installation of Outlet Pipe and Valve
Pipeline size should be the same as or larger than the size of blower outlet connection. If pipe diameter needs to be changed, it should be changed slowly (using tapered pipe). The elbow section is recommended to use long elbows so that the gas can flow smoothly.

- In order to minimize the thermal expansion and contraction of pipeline, and adverse effect of vibration on blower between pipeline and blower, elastic joint should be installed at rear end of outlet pipe. The installation sequence of pipeline is elastic joint -> check valve.

The calculation of thermal expansion rate of pipeline is based on gas temperature of 100°C. 

- When used in parallel connection with blowers of other models, in order to prevent airflow backward, a backflow prevention valve (check valve) should be installed. If blowers may not be operated for a long time, butterfly valves should be installed to block external pressure as far as possible.

- If the pipeline is too long, install the pipe bracket to prevent pipeline and flange from sinking due to overload.

The storage period while blowers are delivered to your company until
installation and operation, if water access or rusting has happened, the suction port and outlet should be thoroughly inspected. In addition, be careful not to have moisture or foreign matterentering during pipeline construction. If there is access, it should be completely removed. 

- When blowers are connected in parallel, the diameter of pipeline should be increased according to the number of units, so as to reduce the fluctuation and pressure loss.  

- Elastic joints and long elbows are recommended to be covered with thermal insulation or sound-absorbing materials. 

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