Safety Regulation for Air Suspension Blower supply in Kuala Lumpur

Safety Regulation

This manual will provide you with guidance on safety, installation, operation and maintenance of the air suspension centrifugal blower. Incorrect or improper operation and maintenance of air-suspended high-speed fans may cause serious injury to the user or significant property damage to the mechanical or electrical parts of the equipment. Be sure to read relevant contents of usage and safety guidance. If you have any doubts about the instructions and procedures provided in the manual, please contact us . 
► It is not allowed to change the setting program at will. The abnormal startup of the device will not only cause damage to the equipment, but also bring economic losses to the user. (If you have any questions, please consult a professional technician).

Please keep inside of the blower clean, pay special attention to internal cleanliness of the blower case, prevent foreign matter from entering. If foreign matter enters the inside of high speed rotating volute, the impeller and the bearing will be damaged. Please do not replace primary filter at the air inlet when the blower is running. 

Please use the blower within the pressure range indicated on nameplate.

Do not close the main valve while the blower is running, otherwise it will cause the equipment to surge.

Do not inspect the equipment when blower is running.

After the blower stops running, please do not disassemble the 3-phase power supply or touch the power supply box immediately, because some high voltage remains in the equipment, and disassembling within 10 minutes may cause electric shock. 

 ► Do not connect other equipment or add wiring to the control panel (if you have any questions, please consult a professional technician).

All ground connections comply with international electrical standards.

It is dangerous to remove frequency converter. Always consult a professional technician beforehand.

This blower has no explosion proof features. Please use it away from explosive and flammable gas.

 There are differences between different types of blowers. The noise may be above 85db. It is recommended to install sound  insulation facilities or use earplugs. Please do not stay in noise place for too long, otherwise it will cause hearing impairment.

When using a crane while moving, please hang the sling reliably in 4 lifting
earrings before moving. 

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