Connections to the Water Feed, Outlet and Drain for Filtration supply in Kuala Lumpur

Connections to the Water Feed, Outlet and Drain
Correct connections for the water feed facilitate effective operations of the Water Treatment System. It is important to follow the connection instructions which will support the required operations. The connection to the drainage systems must be able to handle the filter backwash process. NO BACK PRESSURE IS ALLOWED!

1) Water Feed
The Water Treatment System requires feed water with flow of 25m3/hr.

2) Filtration Backwash Drainage
a) The diameter of the drain pipe must be identical or larger than the outlet of the backwash from the filters.

b) The drain from the backwash line must be aerated and without sealed connections in order to prevent backflow from the drain system to the filtration systems.

c) Be absolutely not to combine the filtration backwash drainage line to any other drainage line because the backwash flow is high and might flow into another part of the system.

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