Initial Operation for Gravel Filtration supply in Selangor

Initial Operation for Gravel Filtration

1. Close all the gravel filtration system outlets (outlet manifold and backwash manifold) and run the system with water.

2. Check all the manifolds and filter connections for water leaks – re-fit, re-connect and re-secure if necessary.

3. Check all the command tube connections for leaks – re-fit, re-connect, and re-secure if necessary.

4. Set the backwash controller to a short flushing duration and turn it to "manual flush" – make sure the command activates on time and passes in sequence from filter to filter.

5. Set the controller to a short interval (10 minutes) and check that flushing starts at the proper time interval.

6. Turn off the water, drain the system and open all the gravel upper service openings.

7. Fill the gravel filters with gravel. Fill tank to the 40 cm level of the media. Refer to the media level marked on the filter housing.

8. Be sure that the surface of the upper service opening is clean from any remaining gravel particles and shut the upper cover. Tighten the shutter handle gently, the gasket is hydraulic and no force is required in order to seal the cover.

9. Re-set the back flushing controller to 10 minutes intervals and 2 minutes flushing time.

10. Turn on the water and let the system run with water at this "setup" for 1 hour. (This process is necessary in order to clean dirt and dust from the media, and allow the media to settle properly in the filters). At this stage be sure that the water from the filters is drained and not running into the system.

11. Check the filters outlet for the existence of gravel. If gravel is present, empty the gravel filter and replace the damaged filter element inside the filter.
Before emptying the gravel from the filter – be sure that the gravel you see is not just"gravel dust" that washed out during the initial operation, and that it is actually quantities of gravel that are "running out" from the gravel filter.

12. Set the controller according to the water quality and your irrigation program, and turn on the water for irrigation (refer to the controller manual).

13. The filtration interval should be up to ∆P = 5 meter / 0.5 bar

14. The flushing duration should be as long as required until the water from the backwash manifold is coming out clean (typically this will be between 2 - 3 minutes).

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