Installation for Media Filtration suppy in Malaysia (Environmech Sdn. Bhd.)

All system components are shipped to the site packed in pallets and boxes with installation drawings, user manual, and a packing list.
The manifolds are marked with letters and numbers on their wraps and inside matching their marks in the drawings.

1. Position the gravel filter on the platform according to the dimensions in the drawings.
Note: In systems where quick couplings are used – keep the quick coupling bolts untightened until all system parts are assembled and fit together.

2. Connect the backwash valve to each gravel filter. Be sure that the connection positions are according to the flow arrows marked on the valve.

3. Connect the outlet manifolds use the short supports legs to support the manifold.

4. Connect the inlet manifold to the backwash valves according to the marks on the manifolds and the installation drawings.

5. Connect the drain manifold to the backwash valves according to the marks on the manifolds and the installation drawings.
IMPORTANT: If the drained backwash water needs to be disposed of at a distance of more than 10 meters, then the drain pipe should be at least 8" (200mm) in diameter.
NOTE: This is the time to secure the installed quick couplings.

6. Connect the butterfly valve to the outlet of the backwash manifold.

7. Connect the inlet manifold and secure it, connect the air valve to the socket on the top of the manifold. At this stage do a final check to confirm that the position of the system is where it should be relative to the inlet and outlet main pipelines.

8. Install the water head control in the ¾" socket on the inlet manifold.

9. Secure the stand of the backwash controller in place so that it is close to the water head control (make sure that it will meet your needs for both operations and maintenance).

10. Secure the backwash controller and the solenoids battery in place on the stand. Make sure that the position of the controller is at "eye level" for easy handling. The battery of the solenoid valves has to be installed on the same stand and below the controller.

11. Connect the P.E. 8 mm command tubes:
a. From the outlet of the water control head to the common inlet "live pressure" of the solenoids.
b. From each solenoid command outlet to the hydraulic backwash valve.
c. From one of the outlets on the 3-way ball valve in the water control head to the ¾" socket on the outlet manifold of the gravel filtration system.
d. Connect a short drain tube (no more than 2 meters) to the common vent of the solenoids battery.
e. The P.E. closures should be used to secure the P.E. 8mm command tubes in an
organized and tidy fashion along the length of the filter.

12. Connect the controller to the electricity source (AC - to a water secure socket, DC – connect the ports to the electric battery inside the controller). 

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