Receiving and Installing the Water Treatment System supply in South Asia (Malaysia)

Receiving and Installing the Water Treatment System

General Information
As as part of it's quality assurance and quality control program thoroughly test all of it's systems before shipment. Experience has shown us that it is  possible, although not common,for transportation to impact the system– for example, loosening bolts and pipes, therefore please be very sure to perform the detailed incoming and inspection procedures exactly as written and intended in order to prevent problems.

Pre-installation Storage
1. Advance Notice
If it is the intention of the customer to store the system prior to installation for a period of more than 1 month, please notify FILTRASCALE prior to shipment such that quality inspection performed prior to shipping the system will take into account the storage and a procedure allowing for long storage time will be performed on the filters after testing. If FILTRASCALE does not perform this special long-term storage procedure,the possibility of irreversible damage to components exists.

2. Storage Location
The system installed inside container with purpose to protect on the system from the weather. 

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