Operation & Manual for Media Filtration while System Shut Down Supply in Semenyih Area

At long period of system shut down for Media filtration

1. Perform all actions as described in the weekly maintenance section.
2. Be sure that the inlet and outlet of water to the system are closed.
3. Release the pressure, if it exists - check the pressure gauge to see that the pressure read is 0 before further actions.
4. Open all the upper service covers and drain the filtration system.
5. Check the media height (gravel) inside the media filters. If the media is lower than the required 40cm.
6. Recommendation: Add liquid sodium hypo-chloride to each media filter with concentration of 5 % as 100%.
7. Shut the drain valves, shut the media filter covers, shut the downstream water outlet and apply water into the system until it is full.
8. Allow the chlorinated water to remain in the filter for one hour.
9. After one hour, perform a manual backwash of the system, using the manual option in the controller.
10. Turn off the water.
11. Lubricant all the screws and bolts of the system. In particular carefully oil the screws of the shutter units in the gravel filter
12. In environments where freezing conditions occur, open all gravel filters covers, drain the water totally out of the filtration system (preferable by using the bottom plug that is installed in each media filter). When the filter is drained, shut the upper covers.
13. Disconnect the electricity source of the backwash controller.

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