Operations and Maintenance-Media Filtration supply in Selangor Area

Operations and Maintenance-Media Filtration

Operations Control
Media Filtration works automatically; it is controlled by the control system.

Filter Vessel wash Process
1) Water Backwash
Water flows from the bottom of the vessel through the media. The solids that were trapped by the filter are separated from the media and drained out in the water.

2) Maintenance Instructions

Once a Day
1. Visually check the system components to see that there are no leaks, breaks.

Once a Week
While the system is working:
2. Check the water head control filter and clean it (blockage of this filter will cause a malfunction of the back washing process of the filtration system).

3. Perform manual flushing and check that the back-washing happens in sequence according to your backwash controller setup.

4. Check that during the last 10 seconds of the backwash of every filter, the water from the backwash manifold runs out freely and clean.

5. Check for leaks from connections and fittings.

6. Shut down the inlet and outlet of water to the system.

Important! Before opening filter covers, be sure that the system pressure was released, pumps are shut down and any electrical accessories such as controller, pumps etc, are disconnected from the current source.

7. If you found any leaks, fix them and re-secure the connections if required.

8. Check the filtration system visually for any mechanical damage on the paint. Clean any damaged area or spot with sandpaper and paint it with a basic anti-rust paint.

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