Join of pipe for Decent Fan Blower supply in Selangor Area

Join of pipe
1) The fan are joined with flexible pipe,tighten the bolts equably,get the consistent
center,otherwise,anamorphic casing will arouse attrition between inlet and impeller.

2) Check the fan inside before join,must clean out the various.

3) Set a safety guard with enough intensity on the inlet when the fan will not be jointer with pipe.If the outlet of the fan will not be jointer with pipe,it also need installed a safety guard,The size of the guard hole should not exceed 20X20mm.

4) Clearance between impeller and inlet. At the end of installation,check the clearance between impeller and inlet,ensure the clearance is symmetrical and consistent.

5) The wind outlet of air pipe exhaust,according to the needs of different users,provide

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