Using of bearing for decent Fan Blower supply in Malaysia

Using of bearing 

Though the bearings have 2°adjustable range with its automatic performance,you'd better pay
attention to installation because the bracket of this unit is too simply : 

a) Unit of bearing with stop moving bolts
Make a bore and orientation after adjusted the distance between bearings.The orientation
position holes must as same with request.You should pay attention to start and change of the
bolts day-to-day.Otherwise brings opposite sports between inside cover and bearings.

b) Unit of bearing with eccentricity fixed wheel 
In sedge principle,purpose of to fix the bearings on the shaft is good.Put the eccentricity ring on the lengthen part where with eccentricity, then tighten it,At the same time,notice the bolt, bearing grease QMY2-7 QFS2-7 grease. 

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